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Working as marketing specialists in the kitchen, bathroom and flooring industry, Vector7 Ltd has pushed forward the Southwest’s key manufacturers, suppliers and designers  to the top of the UK search engines.

Kitchen Planner Online Software
Online Kitchen Planner
Search Engine Optimization has played a strong part in gaining local focused traffic, the real challenge has been to turn that traffic into either sales or a stronger understanding of what customers want and how they act within a site or within the search engines.  The marriage value of these two areas of expertise and understanding has been the holy grail of our marketing push. We don’t want traffic without business or without a strategy for understanding what we are getting and where we are going to take it.
Kitchen Planner Software

Kitchenplanneronline is a unique stage in reaching for our combined goal.  To take a kitchen web site and achieve a high return of sales from the captured search keywords and/or advertising traffic.

Kitchen Planner Online Software
Kitchen Planner
We started from the kitchen, the kitchen table where all our mothers it seemed planned their kitchens on graph paper and bits of chopped up cereal package.  Why reinvent the wheel?  We didn't, we kept it simple, it took a pile of genius but take a look at what we ended up with……click……no downloads, no help files, just a simple intuitive design tool online…and you get a good idea of what your customer wants…load speed for onsite design is seconds….and it all works. The customer can even save the design for you or them to look at in the future.
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The TEAM for Kitchen Planner

John Vincent

Web Marketing Strategist John Vincent has worked within the web field specifically helping companies achieve a working web presence, without the smoke screens of technical jargon and within the showrooms and offices of real companies, companies of any size, the goals are always the same….Be found for what you do, where you do it….and get the customers to call!


John ensures our customers get found for what they do. He also delivers working strategies on how to stay there and get better.

Martin Bright
As a Web Marketing Technician and technologist Martin Bright has 25 years experience, and works for the worlds largest drug companies and online stores. He produces and tailors software to create world class search engine friendly solutions to getting products found. Dealing with databases at a high end level Martin delivers data to customers from within multi thousand page sites for the most competitive keywords.
Kitchen Planner Software

Martin gets you found in the toughest search environments on a global keyword basis.

Kitchen Planner Online Software
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall is a designer of exceptional brilliance, writing in eight programming languages he creates multidimensional software which allows the cutting edge of our designs to work in a simple and intuitive fashion.  Working within a team which has such clean and simple goals has enabled Vector7 to make the difficult seem simple. The Kitchen Planner demonstrates how with the right focus at the start, a project need not drag across years to reach its final working model.
Kitchen Planner Software

Andrew makes our ideas come to life.

Kitchen Planner Online Software
Paul Maitland
Working on the look of sites is important, if a customer does not like the look of a company, chances are they will not buy from it. It takes time but we take our customers from concept to the web in as short and least painful time as possible.
Kitchen Planner Software

Designs the look of a site whilst retaining the technical savvy of the marketing boys.

Kitchen Planner Online Software
Hannah Chesterfield
It pays to have an in-house wordsmith who works around the specialists. Across the years Hannah has learnt to produce copy which not only tells the customer what and where and how, but we make sure she knows how to get it found!
Kitchen Planner Software

Makes your pages and your products continue working for you.

Kitchen Planner Online Software

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Drag your room shape onto the work grid.


Use the tabs on the left to drag cabinet units and appliances into your room.


Save your design.

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